Understanding Your Solstice Community Solar Credits and Bill

When your community solar farm goes live, you will receive solar credits on your National Grid utility bill. These credits represent the value of the solar energy produced by your community solar farm! This may not cover the entirety of your bill. When this occurs, you will pay the remaining amount to National Grid as usual. You will then pay Solstice for the solar credits deducted from your National Grid bill at a 10% discount. This 10% discount is where your total savings will come from and is the reason why you will never pay more for electricity while participating in our community solar program. 

Your solar credits will appear on the first and second pages of your National Grid bill. As highlighted in the image below, they will appear on the first page of your bill under the heading Summary of Current Charges in the line item “Other Charges/Adjustments”. 

The minus sign next to the value amount denotes a deduction from the total being charged on the bill. Please note that the “Other Charges/Adjustments” line item may encompass more than just solar credits if there are additional adjustments made to your bill. 

To see the exact amount of the solar credits applied to your bill in a given bill cycle, please look to the Other Charges/Adjustments section at the bottom of page 2 of your bill. Here you will see a more detailed breakdown of your credits. Your community solar credits are labeled as "Transfer Credit/Charges".

In this example, the solar farm generated a credit of $19.86. This combined with the paperless billing credit leads to a total deduction of $20.27 from the price of your National Grid bill. 

After receiving the solar credits on your National Grid bill, Solstice will email you an invoice for your credits at the end of the same month. As shown in the sample invoice below, the invoice will reflect the dollar amount of the credits shown on your National Grid bill and the amount that you owe us for the credits at a 90% value. This is where you see 10% savings on your solar credits.  In this example, $19.86 of credits were discounted from the National Grid bill and the Solstice invoice outlines a charge of $17.86– a total of $2.00 of electric cost savings for the month. Three business days after you receive your invoice, we automatically process your amount due to your chosen payment method.

     = Dollar amount of the credits on your National Grid bill      = Amount you owe Solstice with 10% discount      = Your savings 

I hope this explanation makes the billing process a little bit more clear. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@solstice.us or 845-853-0768.