Understanding Your Solstice Community Solar Credits and Bill

Now that your community solar farm is live you are receiving solar credits on your monthly utility bill. These credits are labeled "Community Distributed Generation" and reduce the total cost of your utility bill. You are required to pay the difference on your bill, however, we aim to cover as much of your electric costs as possible with solar credits. Solstice then charges you for your solar credits with a 10% discount included.

Your solar credits will appear on the first and third pages of your Central Hudson bill. As highlighted in the image below, they will appear on the first page of your bill in the line item "Billing Adjustments" - your total electric costs will be reduced by this amount.

Bill Summary – page 1

Please note that the “Billing Adjustments” line item may encompass more than just solar credits if there are additional adjustments made to your bill. 

To see the exact amount of the solar credits applied to your bill in a given bill cycle, please look to the "Payments and Adjustments" section at the bottom of page 3 on your bill. Your community solar credits are labeled as "Community Distributed Generation Credit" as portrayed in the following image:

Payments and Adjustments – page 3

After receiving the solar credits on your Central Hudson bill, Solstice will email you an invoice for your credits at the end of the same month. As shown in the sample invoice below, the invoice will reflect the dollar amount of the credits shown on your Central Hudson bill and the amount that you owe us for the credits at a 90% value. This is where you see 10% savings on your solar credits.  In this example, $120.00 of credits were discounted from the Central Hudson bill and the Solstice invoice outlines a charge of $108.00 – a total of $12.00 of electric cost savings for the month. Three business days after you receive your invoice, we automatically process your amount due to your chosen payment method. The “Total Savings” line will help you to keep track of how much money you have saved by going green with Solstice. This represents the cumulative savings that your solar panels have generated to date!

     Blue = Dollar amount of the credits on your Central Hudson bill     Orange = Amount you owe Solstice with 10% discount     Yellow = Your savings 

I hope this explanation makes the billing process a little bit more clear. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@solstice.us or 845-853-0768.